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Employers Take Advantage of the Youth Employment Fund

A Few Good Reasons to Hire Youth…

Employers in Durham are taking advantage of the New Youth Employment Fund (YEF) Opportunity!

Youth Employment FundThe Youth Employment Fund is designed to address immediate and long-term skills gaps and hiring needs of employers while at the same time helping Youth gain on the job training and develop skills.

Under YEF Employers have access to a wide range of supports and services for each young (ages 15 – 29) eligible worker that is hired, including funding, to help cover wages and short-term training costs (4 – 6 months). The fund offsets the cost of hiring young employees with less experience. Up to $6,800 is available depending on the training and skill requirement of the job.

Since the launch of YEF in September 2013, more than 5,700 Youth have received placements with employers in Ontario. The program has been lauded as a huge success to assist Youth in gaining entry level positions and an opportunity to demonstrate to employers their skills and willingness. Employers have been quick to recognize the leverage it gives them in a highly competitive market to find and train employees at a fraction of the usual cost.

Employers are highly impressed with the level of support they receive in finding and hiring Youth and throughout the placement period. This support includes an Employment Specialist visiting the place of business to understand the required skills, finding suitable candidates and forwarding résumés; if desired, pre-interviewing, providing a two-week fully paid job trial to ensure suitability, and, when both parties are satisfied, returning with all paper work completed and ready for a signature. Payment is made upon proof of wages paid and cheques are expediently processed. Throughout the placement the Employment Specialist will check in to ensure both parties continue to be satisfied with their employer/ employee relationship.  The Youth can also receive financial assistance in purchasing the materials required for the job e.g. boots, hard hats, tools, equipment, etc.

Employers have found their young employees have a lot to offer – enthusiasm, fresh ideas, flexibility, new perspectives, and a strong knowledge of technology. Drawing on their perspective and skills could prove beneficial to expanding your business opportunities.

Find out more about the Youth Employment Fund, by contacting the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre by calling 905-579-1821 or email our Employment Specialist Michelle Campbell at mcampbell@unemployedhelp.on.ca


About Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre

Whether you're looking for a job, or wanting to hire new skilled job ready employees , the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre can help. Locations in Pickering and Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.


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