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Re-Think the Holidays

3 WAYS TO MAKE IT MEANINGFUL! This year, avoid buying into commercialization and racking up charge cards. Try to think of a toy received as a child or a gift that you received last year. Now think of something kind that someone did for you or said to you. Which do you remember? Which is … Continue reading

Climbing Out of the Rabbit Hole

On September 14th, 2012, the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre was thrilled to welcome Dini Petty, a Canadian Broadcast Icon, as the Keynote Speaker. She spoke about Self-Esteem and the challenges that we face in life. Motivational Speaker, Dini Petty, has a very long list of impressive accolades. To name a few: Dini was the … Continue reading

New Newcomer Workshop

Newcomers, Learn Everything You Need to Know About Workers’ Rights and Responsibilities! The Durham Welcome Centres, in partnership with several community organizations, are offering Newcomers a Special Workers’ Rights and Responsibilities series. Learn Information Regarding: Overtime, Minimum Wage, Public Holidays, Sick Days, Vacation, Health and Safety, Termination of Employment, Pregnancy, Parental, and Medical Leave, and … Continue reading

Six Month Caution!

Did You Know? Employers View Unemployment of More than 6 Months as a Red Flag? We understand that job seekers are often subject to biases including age and gender discrimination. Although long-term unemployment may be the result of challenging circumstances, many employers also view unemployment of more than 6 months as a Red Flag. It … Continue reading