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Climbing Out of the Rabbit Hole

On September 14th, 2012, the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre was thrilled to welcome Dini Petty, a Canadian Broadcast Icon, as the Keynote Speaker.

She spoke about Self-Esteem and the challenges that we face in life.

Motivational Speaker, Dini Petty, has a very long list of impressive accolades.

To name a few: Dini was the 1st woman in the world to fly a helicopter while broadcasting traffic reports for radio station CKEY; on City TV, Dini won awards for her documentary work, which she hosted, wrote and produced; for 11 years, she hosted the longest running talk show in Canadian television history, The Dini Petty Show; as well, Dini Petty is a successful writer and poet. Her children’s book “The Queen, the Bear and the Bumblebee” enthralls children and adults alike with its whimsical style and meaningful content.

CollageDespite her incredible success, Dini Petty has faced significant struggles which she shared with the full house of attentive audience members including representatives from the Canadian Mental Health Association, Children’s Aid Society, Durham Workforce Authority, YMCA, John Howard Society, Centre d’Accès à l’Emploi COFRD, United Way of Durham Region, and many other community stakeholders.

Dini Petty refers to a very difficult 10-year period as “Climbing Out of the Rabbit Hole”. Within that time, Dini’s TV show was cancelled (despite a highly successful season), she was conned out of a great deal of money, had both hips replaced, and lost 12 individuals who were close to her.

In Dini Petty’s engaging, intelligent and humorous presentation she spoke about her role in a dysfunctional family and offered sound information and advice about loss of self-esteem, shame, the inner critic, destiny and fate.

Everyone faces challenges. As Dini Petty so aptly puts it: “You come to the realization that the only thing that you control in your life is your reaction.”

Ultimately, Dini Petty states that the solution to low self-esteem and shame-based feelings is good food, water, rest, exercise, a lot of self-respect and taking care of yourself first.

Click to hear a segment of Dini Petty’s speech.

Inspired by Dini Petty’s presentation, the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre designed a “Building Resiliency” to help individuals cope with life’s challenges. Ten tips are explored during the workshop including perseverance, perspective and attitude.

Hear Maralyn Tassone, Executive Director and Elsii Faria, Marketing/Outreach Specialist (DRUHC) talk with “daytime” host Dena Chiarcossi about unemployment and the connection to self-confidence and self-esteem.



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