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A Dream Realized!

When Alessandra was laid off after eight years of working as a Math Teacher, she turned to the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre for assistance. With the support of an Employment Counsellor, Alessandra explored different options and decided to pursue a dream that she and her husband shared to own a Cake Boutique. Thanks to … Continue reading

Just 90 Seconds…

To Make a Great 1st Impression! A job search is a little like dating — first impressions go a long way. “We decide very quickly whether a person possesses many of the traits we feel are important, such as likeability and competence, even though we have not exchanged a single word with them. It appears … Continue reading

Aged 55-64? Unemployed?

A recent Washington Post article “Losing a job is always terrible. For workers over 50, it’s worse” offers statistical data (USA stats) related to unemployment and older workers. The statistics are summarized below: Fewer workers over 50 are unemployed, but those who are have a tougher time of it; Job searches last longer before older … Continue reading

Stay Motivated While Unemployed

Legendary basketball coach, Bobby Hurley, offers tips on how to stay motivated while unemployed. “Hurley’s message is to take personal PRIDE in creating opportunities and maximizing our abilities particularly when faced with seemingly insurmountable adversities largely out of our control.” PRIDE is an acronym for ongoing and consistent PRACTICE through continuous REPETITION – IMITATE those … Continue reading

Minimum Wage Increase

Starting on October 1st, 2015, Ontario’s minimum wage is rising to $11.25/hour. Ontario will have the second highest minimum wage rate in Canada after the Northwest Territories. Minister of Labour Kevin Flynn states: “This puts more money in people’s pockets, gives our businesses predictability and helps build a more prosperous economy, while ensuring a fair … Continue reading