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Status of Women

Gender equality and ensuring the safety of women and girls is a priority for the Government of Canada. The Minister of Status of Women, Patty Hajdu, is leading the development and implementation of a new strategy to prevent gender-based violence. The strategy is intended to strengthen federal efforts through a coordinated, collaborative and evidence-based approach. … Continue reading

The New Canada Child Benefit

The highly touted new Canada Child Benefit (CCB) launched in July – the program replaces the Canada Child Tax Benefit, the Universal Child Care Benefit and Income Splitting. The amounut of the benefit will depend on income, number of children and their ages. High income families will receive less money than low income families. Learn about … Continue reading

Immigration Conversation

The Government of Canada believes that Canada’s strength lies in its diversity. In July, a national conversation about immigration was launched. “Immigrants have always been a central part of Canada’s success. The contributions of newcomers result in jobs, innovation and economic growth. Immigrants also strengthen our country socially and culturally.” Immigration has always been a … Continue reading

Income Security Reforms

Social Services Minister, Helena Jaczek, claims that all low-income Ontarians will benefit from reforms to income security. Helena Jaczek’s mandate is to help improve income security for vulnerable Ontario residents. The Goal: To create an easy-to-understand system of support (both inside and outside of the social assistance program that seeks to provide adequate incomes) and … Continue reading