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Skills You Need

The interest and pursuit of life long learning can help you continuously expand your mind and acquire new skills.

PeopleWondering which attributes and skills can help you improve your life and career?

Grit involves passion and perseverance to achieve long term goals.

Being able to adapt to changing circumstances is important in a fast-paced, ever-evolving world.

Mindfulness and action can you help you silence your inner critic.

Learn to say no. Do the things that energize you and make you feel content.

Critical thinking is a great problem-solving tool that can assist you with all aspects of life.

Emotional intelligence skills can help you build important social and business relationships.

Thankfully, all of these traits can be developed with practice. Start with small but consistent steps to cultivate these skills.

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Whether you're looking for a job, or wanting to hire new skilled job ready employees , the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre can help. Locations in Pickering and Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.


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