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Second Career

The Second Career Program, offered at the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre, helps individuals who have been laid-off to re-train in order to improve employment opportunities. The Second Career Program can assist in the following areas: Explore Careers that are Right for Your Experience and Skill Set Career Guidance Assistance in the Exploration and Application … Continue reading

Sleep = Brain Boost

According to research that examines the science of sleep, the sleeping brain is emerging as an energetic and purposeful machine. A recent CBC news documentary, “While You Were Sleeping”, with David Suzuki explores why we really need sleep. With both babies and adults, it was demonstrated that the brain does not really rest when we … Continue reading

Wage Increases

Ontario Raising Minimum Wage to $15 Per Hour. The new increase, which will be implemented in phases, is intended to help 8.9% Ontario’s employees. At $15, a full-time, 40-hour-week job would pay $600/week or $31,200/year, compared to $23,712 at the current minimum wage of $11.40. Over the past three years, Ontario’s economy has outperformed all … Continue reading

Human Skills Needed

Traditionally described as soft skills, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and communication are becoming increasingly important skills for the new work world. The Business Council of Canada conducted a survey of major employers in Canada. The survey indicates that although there are gaps in technical areas, hiring managers are primarily interested in candidates with strong soft … Continue reading

A Career in Skilled Trades?

Considering a career in the skilled trades? The world will beat a path to your doorstep! Would you rather work with your hands than sit behind a desk? If you are looking for a change in careers or contemplating a first career, take a close look at the skilled trades. The list may be more … Continue reading

Hot Labour Market

In August, Canada’s jobless rate fell to 6.3% – the lowest its been since October 2008. Canada’s Labour Market has seen continuous growth with an eighth straight employment increase adding 10,900 jobs in July, according to Statistics Canada. This past year has seen the biggest 12-month gain since 2007 with 387,600 jobs – primarily in … Continue reading