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Bill 148: New Labour Laws

Bill 148 – The Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act is not just about a $15/hour minimum wage increase.

New Labour LawsFollowing a lengthy review process, Ontario’s Liberal government has made sweeping changes to provincial employment and labour law.

Labour Minister Kevin Flynn indicated that although the Ontario economy is doing very well, not everyone is prospering. Minister Flynn states, “It needs to change. Bill 148 is that change.”

Following are some of the components of Bill 148:

Minimum Wage Raise – Increase to $14/hr on January 1, 2018 followed by another raise to $15/hr in 2019.

High Heels No Longer Mandatory – section added to Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act indicates that employees can no longer be mandated to wear high heels.

Solidarity – It is suggested that Bill 148 may make it easier for some employees to unionize.

Scheduling – Recent changes indicate how employers can schedule shifts of their employees.

Work Hours Per Day – If an employee who generally works more than three hours a day is given less hours on any given day, she/he is entitled to at least three hours pay.

Leave – Several sections in the legislation establish rules regarding leaves and holidays.

Currently Personal Emergency Leave must be given by a company that employs 50 or more employees. New legislation will allow 10 days of Personal Emergency Leave of which 2 days must be paid to all workers.

Equal pay for equal work – New legislation to ensure that part-time, casual, temporary and seasonal workers get paid the same as full-time employees when they are working for the same employer and “substantially” doing the same job.

More Employment Standard Officers – An additional 175 Employment Standards Officers will be hired to ensure the new rules are followed.

Read the Financial Post article: “What’s in Ontario’s massive new labour law? A minimum wage hike, but much, much more.


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