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Newcomers, Jump Start Your Career with JSW

“The JSW program helped me keep up the momentum needed to find a job.”

Abi is a newcomer who came to the Welcome Centre and expressed interest in finding work in her profession as an IT Security Analyst. Abi was eager to get a job and was open to considering any IT-related jobs.

She had sent out approximately 30+ job applications and received only 2 responses. She wished to attend the Job Search Workshop (JSW) Program with the purpose of learning how to target her resume and ‘brush-up’ her job interviewing skills.

Shortly after completing JSW, Abi found a career-related position as an IT Risk Analyst at a financial tech company. Abi attributed her job search success to the concerted efforts of herself, the JSW Facilitator and the mentor assigned by the TRIEC Mentoring Partnership program.

In particular, Abi shared that attending the JSW Program helped her keep up the momentum needed to find a job. She reflected on one exercise in the workshop which was about making changes to a paper airplane in order to make it fly upward. Abi realized the importance of learning from her mistakes and how to stay positive when facing challenges.

Abi found the presentations on targeted resume and interviewing skills useful. Before the job interview with her present employer, Abi devoted time to practicing questions based on the examples discussed and role-played in the workshop. To enhance her interview preparations, Abi did a mock interview with her TMP mentor.

Abi was eager to share the following message with other newcomers who are facing challenges in their job search, “I would have no hesitation to recommend the JSW Program and the TMP to any newcomers who are thinking about jump-starting their careers in Canada.”

To learn more about the JSW program, call 905-420-3008 to make an appointment or email: jswinfo@unemployedhelp.on.ca.

Contact a Mentoring Partnership Coach to learn how to sign-up as a mentor or mentee.




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