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Newcomers, Attend JSW and Get Job Offers!

“The Job Search Workshop Opened My Eyes”

Ronald came to Canada with 10 years of experience in banking, and Bachelor degrees in Business Management and Psychology. He was very excited to share that “after 2 weeks of targeting resumes, I received 3 offers simultaneously from 2 big banks and a telecom company.”

Unable to decide, Ronald consulted with people he met during the workshop, and decided to accept the position of Fraud Analyst. Ronald chose a position where he can use and develop his skills in information management and data analysis, especially on matters related to Credit Cards and Personal Loans.

Ronald added that after he signed an offer with his chosen employer, he received another call from a 4th company. He was faced with the problem of how to politely decline an offer. With humour, Ronald said, “How to decline job offers should be included in the workshop because after attending the Job Search Workshop, you will get job offers.”

Ronald recalled that, “immediately after landing in Canada, I started looking for employment, sending 5-10 resumes a night. After a few weeks, I received zero feedback. I went over the list of agencies that Service Canada provided and came across JSW. The workshop with Ms. Beth opened my eyes to the differences in the job application process in our home country and Canada. Module 1 & 2 taught us how to get past the first screening process and how to properly answer interview questions.” Ronald added, “this workshop should be mandatory
(not simply recommended) for all landed immigrants.”

To learn more about the JSW program, call 905-420-3008 to make an appointment or email: jswinfo@unemployedhelp.on.ca.

About Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre

Whether you're looking for a job, or wanting to hire new skilled job ready employees , the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre can help. Locations in Pickering and Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.


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