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CPP Enhancements

The new “enhanced” Canada Pension Plan (CPP) will benefit the generations that follow the Baby Boomers. Currently CPP replaces pre-retirement earnings up to 25% of the current Year’s Maximum Pensionable Earnings limit (YMPE) of $57,000/year. The enhanced plan will replace 33.33% of a worker’s lifetime earnings to a higher pensionable earnings limit of $65,400. The … Continue reading

The Future of Work

The economy has changed and so has the work world. Knowing how the labour market has shifted can help you prepare for the future. In today’s economy, many emerging jobs in Canada are tech-related. Contract jobs rather than full-time employment continues to be the trend. As economic globalization continues, a highly skilled workforce with creative, … Continue reading

State of Inclusion

In December, TRIEC (Toronto Region Immigrant and Employment Council) released a report on the current state of immigrant inclusion in the GTA labour market. Is it different compared to 15 years ago? Are there equal opportunities for newcomer women? While there has been progress in some areas, others still need significant change. Read the State … Continue reading

Retailers Closing Shop

An unusually large wave of retail store closures are happening in Canada. By the end of February, Town Shoes, Jean Machine and twenty-seven Lowe’s and Rona retail locations will close. According to the Senior Business Editor for Huffpost Canada, the rise of on-line retail is only part of the reason why retail locations are failing. … Continue reading

AI Opportunities

Careers in Artificial Intelligence offer opportunities for those new to the workforce and for those looking to transition to another career. Although studying in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) is the most obvious route to a career in AI, it is not the only one. Those in STEM may help create and develop the … Continue reading

Cannabis Cautions

Although cannabis is now legal in Canada, caution should be exercised. A guest speaker on a recent CBC program indicated that ordering marijuana on-line with credit or debit card can be tracked and may result in being barred from entering the USA for life. If a person wishes to purchase cannabis, the speaker advised to … Continue reading

Newcomers, Get Back2Nature!

The Durham Welcome Centres are partnering with Central Lake Ontario Conservation and Community Connections to offer “Back2Nature” – a learn to hike program for newcomers. The aim of the program is to provide a hands-on experience for newcomers that will provide information and build their confidence to explore nature within Durham Region. The program will … Continue reading

Path to Newcomers Success

In November 2018, the third group of Path to Newcomers Success (PNS) program participants graduated successfully. The PNS program has really made a difference for those who have participated. Half of the program participants have secured employment and staff continue to provide employment support for those seeking work. The Path to Newcomers Success program is … Continue reading

Need a Second Career?

If you are affected by the GM closure or have been laid off from your position, Second Career may be an option. Through Second Career, eligible individuals who have been laid off may benefit from re-training or refreshing skills to improve employment opportunities. Attend an orientation session to learn if you qualify and: – Explore … Continue reading

Technology Trends 2019

Advancing technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to be a major trend in the future of business. In order to support the growing trend, a skilled labour force is needed. Knowing business trends can help you determine a career path. Click to view the top technology … Continue reading