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Demonstrate One Thing During Interviews

The economy that we once knew has shifted. Interviewing has changed too. In this labour market, It comes as no surprise that employers are looking for candidates with specific attributes. Specifically, employers are interested in hiring candidates that can demonstrate RELEVANCE. Responding to interview questions is not about getting it right or wrong but rather … Continue reading

The Gig Economy

The Traditional Economy is comprised of full-time workers who develop a career, enjoy benefits and generally stay in the same position for a lifetime. The Gig Economy has replaced the traditional model – comprised of flexible, temporary work, employers are leaning toward the hiring of freelancers and independent contractors rather than full-time employees. The Canadian … Continue reading

Living the Dream in Canada?

Has the American dream moved to Canada? The United States of America has long been regarded as the land of opportunity and living the American dream has been a goal for many. Times have changed… there are more than twenty countries that now surpass the USA in terms of creating opportunity for their citizens. Canada … Continue reading

Millennial Challenges

Millennials are dealing with significant challenges in the new economy. Youth, aged 15 – 24, are facing unemployment rates of more than 12%, almost twice the unemployment rate of the general population. Of those who are employed, more than 25% are underemployed. Although enrollment in Canadian universities has more than doubled since 1980, millennials are … Continue reading

Canada’s Federal Budget 2017

The Liberals released the Federal Budget last month – the overall theme was to strengthen the middle class. The Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, indicated that the plan’s objective is to grow employment opportunities for Canadians and ensure that Canada is innovative and globally┬ácompetitive. Investments will be made in training, skills and innovation, public and green … Continue reading

Unemployment Rate Drop

Canada’s unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level in more than two years to 6.6 %. In February 2017, 15,300 jobs were added to the national labour market – the gains are much greater than analyst expectations. Although surges in part-time work have been the trend in Canada, February’s employment survey indicated that most of … Continue reading

Disability and Employment

Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities, will make employment a key focus in her efforts to craft new laws in Canada. In order to address Canada’s long history of a low employment rate among the disabled population, the minister states that it is crucial to remove barriers to accessibility in the workplace. … Continue reading

Diversity and Global Talent

Embracing diversity and inclusion in Canada may help attract the global talent that is required to remain competitive on an international scale. Business leaders in Canada often describe the pursuit to recruit highly skilled professionals as a “war for talent.” Businesses in Canada have faced challenges in attracting the talent that they need because of … Continue reading

Re-Thinking Automation

As automation continues to eliminate jobs in Canada, it is time to rethink skills training. Dominic Barton is the head of the government’s economic growth advisory council. At a conference with university students, administrators and educators he indicated that 40% of Canada’s existing jobs will disappear due to automation. By making some employment positions irrelevant, … Continue reading

Laid-Off and Unemployed?

Second Career could help you get back in the workforce. Get skills-training and financial support when you qualify for Second Career. Apply for up to $28,000 for costs (e.g. tuition, books, manuals, workbooks, transportation, basic living allowance and child care). Both Pickering and Oshawa locations hold a monthly Second Career Orientation workshop. View the calendar … Continue reading