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Employment Connections

Throughout the pandemic we have been helping employers find the right skilled workers to fulfill their hiring needs; while we assist job seekers connect to employment that meets their employment objectives. Employers; let us assist you with your Human Resources requirements and every aspect of the hiring process. Job seekers; we can help you develop a … Continue reading

Employers Are Looking

Employers are calling our offices looking for skilled experienced workers. We can help connect you with employment. Are you ready? Be prepared to take advantage of upcoming opportunities. Ensure that your resume is current and that your cover letter is targeted. Need help navigating the interview process? We can help you ace your interviews! Contact … Continue reading

Auto Advanced Manufacturing

Ontario is helping more than 2,000 students, apprentices and laid-off workers train for in-demand positions in auto and advanced manufacturing. The $9.3 million funding will support projects from a range of organizations, including auto manufacturers, industry associations, training providers and public universities and colleges. Premier Ford stated: “Ontario’s auto and manufacturing employers have made game-changing … Continue reading

Minimum Wage Increase

On October 1, 2020, minimum wage rates in Ontario increased by $0.25, bringing the new rate to $14.25/hour. Whether an employee is full-time, part-time, casual, or paid an hourly rate, commission, piece rate, flat rate or salary, most are eligible for minimum wage. To view information related to employee job categories that are exempt from … Continue reading

We Are Open!

Our Oshawa and Pickering Services are now open again! Whatever your choice of service delivery – on-line, in-person or by telephone – we are here to support your employment needs. A lot is changing rapidly for both employers and job seekers. We can help you navigate new terrain with programs, services and information designed to … Continue reading

Employer Support for Training

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant offers direct financial support for businesses that invest in training for their workforce. Employers with fewer than fifty employees may be eligible to receive up to 5/6 of the training cost. Employers can access up to $15,000 for new hires. Employers Choose: Who They Will Train Who the Trainer Will Be … Continue reading

Helping You as the Economy Re-Opens

The economy is re-opening and we are here to support you! Whether you are an employer who is looking to hire or a job seeker who is seeking employment, we have programs and services designed to suit your needs. We understand some of the challenges that you are facing in the post-pandemic economy. We will … Continue reading

Emergency Business Account

The Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) provides financial supports for Canadian Businesses during COVID-19 to help them get back to successfully providing services post-pandemic. Originally launched in early April, 2020, CEBA helps provide financing for expenses that cannot be avoided or deferred as businesses take steps to safely navigate a period of shutdown. The program … Continue reading

Tele-Work Post Pandemic?

While some people have been working remotely for years, others had never tried telework until now. Nearly one-third (32.6%) of businesses reported 10% or more of their workforce was teleworking or working remotely at the end of May. Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, about a quarter (22.5%) of businesses expect that 10% or more of their workforce … Continue reading

Preparing for a New Reality

As Ontario continues to allow workplaces to re-open, many businesses are diligently preparing for a new labour landscape. While some businesses have had to respond quickly to continue providing services and products during COVID-19, others are working on plans to adapt to a changing economy and environment. One thing is for certain, all industries have … Continue reading