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We Employ 40+ People

Not only is the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre a service provider, we are also an employer of >40 full time staff. Recently, we advertised four vacancies and we were overwhelmed with the response we received to our ad; over 550 résumés were received.  This afforded us not only the opportunity to review résumés to determine … Continue reading

Slay with Your Résumé

The most challenging part of the job search is getting an interview. How you communicate your skills, experience and interests on a résumé is essential to landing an interview. Customize each résumé to ensure that the overall tone matches the description of the position. Use wording associated with the job description and examples that demonstrate … Continue reading

Free Job Search Workshops

The Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre offers many workshops and computer training classes designed to assist you in your job search. We have a new workshop for experienced workers and several workshops for youth. For descriptions of our workshops, click here. Please view the Event Calendar to view the current workshops available at our Oshawa … Continue reading

Pre-Settlement Tools

The Settlement Process can begin before migrating to Canada. Pre-arrival settlement services for newcomers are available. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) funds a variety of pre-arrival programs to help migrants feel prepared and confident prior to arrival. Click to learn more. The Durham Immigration Portal is a fantastic online resource for people new to … Continue reading

Youth Employment Tips

Every job you have is an opportunity to build your reputation, establish connections and grow your skills and confidence. Strategize your job search to find work that helps you advance your career goals. Here are some job search tips: Look for a job that matches your interests, skill set and capabilities. Customize your résumé to … Continue reading

Path to Newcomers Success

The Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre’s new program to help newcomers find employment is underway! Path to Newcomers Success (PNS) is an employment program for newcomers including refugees, refugee claimants, and permanent residents who are unemployed and eligible to work in Canada. PNS helps participants prepare for the workplace and find employment through language and … Continue reading

How to Cancel an Interview

When looking for work, you may need to cancel or reschedule a job interview – how you do it could burn a bridge or leave a good impression. Scheduling interviews can be a complex process. Be considerate. When candidates cancel appointments with little or no warning, it can affect the schedule of many individuals including … Continue reading

Workshops for Job Seekers

We have many types of workshops, each one designed to help job seekers at different stages in their job search. Our workshops are designed to improve your employment opportunities and to provide information on government programs to assist you in upgrading your skills/education. View a listing of the Workshops and Training available at our locations. … Continue reading

Many Jobs Available

With nearly 400,000 vacant jobs in Canada, there has never been a better time to look for work. Following labour market trends can help job seekers understand where to find short, medium and long-term opportunities. Visit the Government of Canada’s Job Bank website for Job Market Trends and News about significant trends that may influence … Continue reading

Newcomer Success

After several attempts to find work, Emmanuel, a newcomer from the UK with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and an MBA, attended the Job Search Workshop at the Pickering Welcome Centre (PWC) and secured a role in his professional field of Business Continuity Management. He now works with one of the biggest investment and asset … Continue reading