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Valuable Feedback

The Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development is working to help you plan your future. The latest feedback from college students, graduates and their employers can help future college students decide if college is the right choice and, if so, which program. The data offers insight not only to potential college students but … Continue reading

Unemployed Youth?

Youth can gain mentorship, support, education, skills and guaranteed job opportunities by participating in free youth employment programs. A participant of Youth Job Connection stated that the program “helped form a routine and to get used to starting a work day.” Other participants have expressed gratitude for the opportunity to connect to a source of … Continue reading

Help Through Ontario Legislation

New in 2017 – The province of Ontario has implemented new legislation and regulations to lower household costs, increase customer protection and build a fairer, more inclusive society. Read about the measures being taken to meet the objectives.   Read Employment E-News – February 2017 – Opportunities Await Image provided by http://www.1COMMUNITY1.ca.

Basic Income?

The Province of Ontario is considering the implementation of a pilot program for Basic Income, also known as Guaranteed Income. Basic Income is an unconditional, guaranteed payment that is provided by the government to ensure that citizens have a minimum income. It is believed that Basic Income could provide a simpler and more effective support … Continue reading

Work is Changing in Ontario

Ontario’s “Changing Workplaces Review” Interim Report is Now Available! The Ontario Government recently issued an independent review seeking recommendations for legislative change of the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA) and the Labour Relations Act, 1995 (LRA). The review is the first to focus on the changes required to two acts. The goal is to address … Continue reading

Job Search Workshop

Job Search Workshop (JSW) is a program for newcomers offered through the Pickering Welcome Centre (PWC). Attendees of the program have gained tremendous benefits from participating. In fact: 72% of JSW clients accessed employment support within 1 year of landing in Canada; 76% of PWC clients completing the Job Search Workshop found employment within 6 … Continue reading

Ontario Budget for Students

The Ontario Budget, released in February, revealed radical changes related to the delivery of University and College loans and grants for students. The changes demonstrate a governmental commitment to make postsecondary education accessible to families with low incomes. According to the budget, most college and university students with a family income of less than $50,000 … Continue reading

Government Grant for Non-Profit Needs

Did you know that Canada has the second largest non-profit sector in the world? The non-profit sector is a significant economic force in Canada – accounting for 6.8 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) and employing 12% of Canada’s population (over 2 million full-time workers). Though the non-profit sector plays an important role … Continue reading

Ontario Skills Shortage

Will a Looming Skills Gap Threaten Ontario’s Future? “According to The Conference Board of Canada, Ontario’s skills shortages cost the economy up to $24.3 billion in forgone GDP and $3.7 billion in provincial tax revenues annually.” Over 1,500 Ontario employers who collectively employ more than 750,000 people were asked what kind of post-secondary credentials are … Continue reading