Diversity in Durham

Gradually, the Durham Region is becoming more culturally and ethnically diverse.

Diversity in Durham

In 2011, the Durham Region immigrant population was 21.3% – it is on the rise.

Welcome Centre Immigrant Services helps newcomers ease the transition to Canada, offering one-stop settlement services to help support and guide immigrants in Durham and York regions.

The Ajax and Pickering Welcome Centre locations were accessed thousands of times over the past year.

When asked which are the most common countries of origin for newcomers, Manager of the Pickering Welcome Centre location, Kathy Pittman-Feltham, indicates that the country of origin varies greatly although the numbers are higher from China and India.

Read a recent article via http://www.durhamregion.com“Newcomers navigate their way through new life in Durham” to learn more.

Learn about the Welcome Centres in the Durham Region by clicking here.

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