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UOIT – Brilliant Catalyst

UOIT launched Brilliant Catalyst, a new gateway to entrepreneurship and innovation. Learn more. Read Employment E-News – January 2019 – Put Your Plan Into Action Image provided by http://www.1COMMUNITY1.ca Advertisements

Small Business Success

Approximately 40% of businesses in Canada have fewer than 100 employees. It is commonly recognized that small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy. A Globe & Mail article highlights the findings of the Scotiabank Global Economics Special Report on Small Business. The report indicates that small businesses have helped with the labour market … Continue reading

Do It In Durham 2016

Do It In Durham evolved through discussion with a number of organizations in the Durham Region. They asked, How Can We “… inspire and support entrepreneurship and provide a platform for businesses to come together, to learn, grow, succeed and connect?” Now in its 4th year, ‘Do It In Durham’ has become a major part … Continue reading

Contract Work

Contract Work has become a popular option for employers who are looking to hire.  Being hired through a contract basically means that the position that you are offered is for a specified duration – e.g. 6 months, 1 year, etc. Although job seekers generally seek permanent, full-time opportunities, pursuing contract work is a viable career … Continue reading

Business Advisory Centre of Durham

As the Labour Market continues to shift towards contract work and work on-demand, individuals are realizing the benefits of owning their own business. The BACD is a great resource in the Durham Region for helping launch and accelerate small business. BACD provides one on one consultation as well as educational seminars and workshops to help … Continue reading

Do It In Durham!

Do It In Durham is a series of events, held by leading organizations located in Durham Region during Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). It is a celebration of small business and entrepreneurship and an opportunity to network, gain knowledge, and find potential collaborators, mentors and even investors – introducing everyone to new possibilities and exciting opportunities. … Continue reading

Young and Successful?

In a recent Virgin article, Pedro De Abreu asks young outstanding entrepreneurs what it takes to be successful. Pedro interviewed extraordinary young people who are leaving their mark in the world. Among them, an 18 year old serial inventor and a 22 year old venture capitalist. In a nut shell, they suggest you: – Find … Continue reading

Resourcefulness – The Ultimate Resource

RESOURCEFULNESS is the ability “to deal well with new or difficult situations and to find solutions to problems“. – Merriam-Webster Dictionary For many people, unemployment can trigger emotional and sometimes physical distress. Rather than focusing on what you don’t have, use resourcefulness to re-frame a seemingly negative situation. Focus on how you can use what … Continue reading

The Living Room Community Art Studio

If you look, you will find plenty of interesting and useful no-cost resources and services available in the Durham Region. An exciting new centre has recently opened on Simcoe Street in Oshawa – The Living Room Community Art Studio. Here, people can connect with others and express themselves by creating art, sharing skills and engaging … Continue reading

Business Advisory Centre of Durham

If you are interested in starting your own business, the Business Advisory Centre of Durham (BACD) helps launch and accelerate small business! BACD provides one on one consultation, educational seminars and workshops to help small business acquire the skills and knowledge to effectively manage and grow their businesses. Learn more. Read Employment E-News – June … Continue reading