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Business Advisory Centre of Durham

As the Labour Market continues to shift towards contract work and work on-demand, individuals are realizing the benefits of owning their own business. The BACD is a great resource in the Durham Region for helping launch and accelerate small business. BACD provides one on one consultation as well as educational seminars and workshops to help … Continue reading

Government Grant for Non-Profit Needs

Did you know that Canada has the second largest non-profit sector in the world? The non-profit sector is a significant economic force in Canada – accounting for 6.8 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) and employing 12% of Canada’s population (over 2 million full-time workers). Though the non-profit sector plays an important role … Continue reading

Guaranteed Annual Income?

What is a Guaranteed Annual Income? Would it work in Canada? The government is exploring this option. A Guaranteed Annual Income (GAI) guarantees that all citizens have a basic minimum income provided that certain conditions are met. The goal is to reduce poverty by ensuring that individuals and families have a sufficient income to live … Continue reading

Accessibility in Durham

More than 70,000 people in the Durham Region have some form of disability. Through various services and programs, the Durham Region has sought to change stigmas and stereotypes regarding people with disabilities. Physical barriers have also been addressed by lowering reception counters, installing automatic doors, accessible ramps and pedestrian signals. In a continuous effort to … Continue reading

Dancing Barista

Sam has autism. His dream was to be a Barista but he was told that he would never be employable. He met an employer who thought differently and the unexpected happened… Chris, a Manager at a Starbucks location in Toronto, gave Sam a job as a Barista. Due to his autistic condition, Sam uses dancing … Continue reading

Summer Student Work

Employers are looking for students to fill summer positions! Summer employment presents a great opportunity to test the waters in your field of interest, gain valuable work experience, network and improve the opportunity to land a job once you are finished school. Don’t miss your chance – deadlines are approaching quickly! Ensure that you are … Continue reading

Seasonal Solutions

Seasonal employment presents a great opportunity to earn extra income and get your foot in the door. Tap into your skills and your interests. Take a look at some common temporary positions available during the spring and summer. Tax Preparation – Many large Tax Firms are on a hiring spree from January until April. If … Continue reading

Morning Stretches

A few minutes of stretching can help you start your day on a positive note. Even gentle movements can have tremendous benefits including the development of strength, focus and flexibility. It takes just minutes a day. Try some simple exercises to get you started! Click here. Read Employment E-News – February 2016 – Be Good … Continue reading